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Emerald Farms, LLC

We aim to provide craft, organic medicine at affordable prices to all Oklahoma patients. By meshing modern technology with natural and holistic growing methods, your medicine is nurtured in nature from day one. 

With patient programs, consistency is key. A portion of our cultivar selection will available year round - allowing patients to eliminate the guesswork when choosing their medication. 

That being said, we like to indulge in our spontaneous nature. Subscribe to stay up to date on limited batch runs and exotics!

Subscribe: farms@emerald405.com

Emerald OKC Emerald Oklahoma Emerald Cannabis Emerald Marijuana
Medical cannabis Emerald 405 weed

Emerald Extracts, LLC

By teaming with local extract artisans, Emerald aims to offer a full line of patient care products. Not being limited by single technology production methods allows us to offer the specific products you're looking for. 

Drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to see on the shelves and which shelves you'd like to see them on!

Contact: extracts@emerald405.com

Emerald OKC Emerald Oklahoma Emerald Cannabis Emerald Marijuana
Medical cannabis Emerald 405 weed

Emerald Asset Protection, LLC

Bryce Smith, founder of Emerald Ventures, started his professional career in retail banking. His banking career lasted for seven years before he made the transition to investment management. 

Successfully handling millions of dollars  on a weekly basis would not have been possible without abiding by strict cash security protocol. Our hope is to provide peace of mind for our partners who utilize EAP transportation services.

The majority of theft that occurs in cannabis businesses, occurs from within. 

Protect yourself and your assets with rock solid procedures that eliminate deviation from the equation. 

Contact: EAP@emerald405.com

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