Emerald Ventures
Emerald Ventures

The Inspiration Behind Our Passion

Dedication to our Craft.

We put in the love and effort needed to create flawless cannabis for patients. We create our own soil, specifically tailored for cannabis. Adding ZERO artificially created fertilizers. When you choose Emerald, rest assured we leave the salts in the kitchen and heavy metals at KATT Fest.

Environmentally Conscious.

What's more important than the health of our patients? ...How about the health of the planet! 

At Emerald, by implementing industry best-practices, we aim to limit our impact on the environment.  Providing squeaky clean meds you can feel good about!

Staying Involved.

Without you, there would be no us. 

Sure we'd still exist, but would it be worth it? 

Emerald recognizes the potential to positively impact our communities. That's why we keep a finger to the pulse of Oklahoma's legislature and Cannabis trade groups, to better serve our future patients. When you support us, you can rest assured that your support is helping to reinvest in your community. 

A Brief History of Emerald:

Bryce Smith, Founder and CEO was propositioned in 2013 to help a friend  complete a business strategy project. Bryce, having a distaste for homework, let alone work for someone else's class, wasn't thrilled by the proposal. As a condition for the assignment, his condition was, "I'm basing your plan on a dispensary." 

The friend agreed. 

...and got an A. 

That plan became the Primordial Soup of what Emerald is today. 

We've done years of research in preparation of legislative change. By anticipating the events that would transpire on June 26th, 2018, Bryce has spent the last six years learning everything there is to know about medical cannabis and how to serve patients in the highest capacity. 

All puns aside, this new industry is budding and we're here to help it bloom to the best of our capacity. 

We place our interests in patients above our interests in profits. With the goal to provide compassionate and personalized care, in a professional environment, free from the stigmatization of the past. 

Let us impress you with our craft!